About Us

Allahabad University Family is the largest digital media platform exclusively committed to air, update and publish all sorts of news regarding University of Allahabad 24×7. It is owned, run and was founded by students and alumni themselves on 30th April 2018 having 1.5 lakhs+ of followers across social media platforms to reinvigorate the tradition of the 4th oldest varsity. It is an academic cum activism oriented forum meant to provide enough space to students' grievances, issues and creativity. It's ultimate objective is to act as an all weather bridge between the Varsity administration and the students. Ours is an eclectic genre encompassing live sessions, orientations, interviews, helplines, protests , internships, co-curricular activities and lot more depending upon the desires and wishes of the student fraternity.


We are a Media Network and our aim and objective is to bring every important news to our readers, We cover all type of news like Education, Job Updates, Government Schemes, Technology, Sports, Politics and more. Our goal is that every important news have to reach everyone and every last person connected with us can stay updated with the news. We believe in providing accurate and acctual information and also warn our readers against fake news.